Russian – Chinese railway to slash journey time

Russian – Chinese railway to slash journey time

Russian President and Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi. Photo: AFP

Beijing, China February 13 2017 – The new Moscow – Beijing railway will cut the overland travel time between the two capital cities from one week down to one day.

China successfully tested a train that achieved 400 kph last year.
At the same time, China has been working on trains that can run on different gauges.

“The train… will have wheels that can be adjusted to fit various gauges on other countries’ tracks, compared with trains now that need to have their wheels changed before entering foreign systems,” Jia Limin, the head of China’s high-speed rail innovation program.

Whilst the train that runs on the Moscow – Beijing railway will be capable of achieving 400 kph, it is likely to go at a slower speed. China is currently building trains for the Moscow – Kazan railway which will eventually extend across Russia and down to Beijing.

“During the initial six months we will be running the trains at 385 kph just to make sure that we have no power cutoffs. However, we believe that in terms of commercial profit and security, a speed of 300 kph would be more appropriate,” Wang said.

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