06/06/2016 to 07/06/2016

Barcelona, Spain

    Annual Ticketing Innovations summit 2016 will provide a platform for key ticketing professionals from all over the world to discuss fresh perspectives, forge essential contacts and learn how to strengthen their businesses. We will delve into security and new ticketing technologies issues and the market regulations involved. Case studies prepared by our expert-speakers will deliver a wealth of new ideas and inspiration looking at the best practices in ticketing systems. All participants will also have a look at the ticketing from the customer’s point of view and exchange knowledge and informative insights on the business and marketing strategies. Moreover, Annual Ticketing Innovations summit 2016 will be ideal for networking with numerous coffee breaks and other activities that will give the possibility to gather together for further discussions and socialization.
    Don’t miss you chance to join this 2 day summit to network with and learn from industry leaders and to discuss the development and the future of your ticketing systems!

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