01/10/2015 to 02/10/2015

Darmstadt, Germany

+44 (0) 121 200 3810

    Transforming your Supply Chain into a Demand Network

    Join us for the much-awaited International SAP Conference on Supply Chain – a business-focussed, customer-centric event where you will learn supply chain best practices on how to drive greater ROI. Co-located as part of our International SAP Conferences on Extended Supply Chain, this event is packed with exciting new customer case studies, latest news, networking opportunities, and workshops.

    Gaining greater transparency and control over your complex supply chain through the use of innovative technological solutions and applications – for better decision making and results – is essential to ensure that growth objectives are met.

    Take this valuable opportunity and join us to hear from senior executives in leading companies on how they transformed their supply chains to demand networks, and benefited from implementing SAP SCM solutions to improve customer service, facilitate collaboration, and lower costs.