28/03/2017 to 31/03/2017 All working days



In today’s highly competitive and complex global business environment, organizations involved in infrastructure projects, whether in public or private sector, are increasingly relying on effective procurement, tendering and contract management practices to reduce costs and mitigate possible tender litigations. Because of the complexity of the infrastructure projects as well as changing market conditions, the procurement & contract management process of it becomes extremely challenging for all parties involved and tedious.

Equip Global’s  Procurement & Contract Management of Infrastructure Projects Summit 2017 will provide an exclusive  platform that brings together procurement & contract management infrastructure industry leaders as well as high-profile decision makers from the government authorities/ ministries and industry leaders within the world to share project case studies, infrastructure development plans and practical solutions to tackle the problems and challenges in developing procurement & contract design, management & negotiation of infrastructure projects.

Separately bookable WORKSHOPS also available.

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