02/09/2015 to 04/09/2015

Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

According to Frost & Sullivan (Rail Outlook Study 2013 – 2022), the first steps to connect Asia and Europe by High Speed Rail (HSR) services are expected to commence by 2025. Asia is the emerging market when it comes to rail network and infrastructure expansion. Rapid economic and population growth in this region is providing stimulus for the development of transport infrastructure, with a strong focus on mass transit systems and on faster and better main line rail links within and between individual countries – especially high-speed networks. Asia is rapidly seeing growth and urbanisation, and there is an increasing need to develop transport services. Railway is a viable option to meet the demand for urban commuting as well as long distance travel. There are numerous railway projects in development or construction, representing billions of dollars in investment and spending. (Source: Delivering Rail Projects in Asia PricewaterhouseCoopers, August 2014) Co-hosted by Land Public Transport Commission (S.P.A.D.) and Construction Industry Development Board (CIDB) Malaysia, the third edition of Rail Business Asia will take place from 2nd – 4th September 2014 in Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre. Themed “Evolving Rail Industry in Asia: Sustainability, Connectivity and Safety” at the event will focus on all the elements involved in developing rail projects in the region.

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