26/11/2015 9:00 am - 6:00 pm

Crowne Plaza - The City, London

Private transport remains the main access mode as about 66% of passengers take cars to/from UK airports. Introducing rail access to airport can significantly shift this number towards public transport mode and reduce airport’s environmental impact from surface access.

According to CAA data, both foreign and local leisure passengers tend to use public transport more, with an exception of London City Airport, where business passengers tip the scale slightly towards public transport.

Creation of a successful airport rail link, one that will attract passengers off taxis and private cars, requires multiple stakeholder engagement and the UK AirRail conference aims to bring these stakeholders together for a full day of discussions about policies, planning, funding, communication and best practices.

Today 12 airports in UK are directly connected by rail and 8 airports have bus to rail links. With an exception of a high speed rail line to an airport, UK has examples of all different airport rail connections – dedicated airport express link, commuter rail line with stops at airports, airport people movers, bus to rail and light rail links to airports.

The UK AirRail conference is a perfect opportunity to discuss different types of air-rail connectivity and analyse the benefits of each for different cities and different airports.

This year the UK AirRail 2015 conference is hosted by London Luton Airport and will take place on 26 November 2015 at Crowne Plaza London-The City Hotel at Blackfriars.