SMRT Trains and Thales share a goal to provide safe, reliable and comfortable journeys in Singapore. They have inked two agreements – for the joint establishment of a local rail signalling repair facility and also the joint development of an intelligent rail analytics platform – to reinforce the reliability of the nation’s oldest MRT lines operated by SMRT Trains. SMRT Trains, Singapore’s pioneer and dominant rail operator, and Thales have signed a Repair Collaboration Agreement to establish a local repair facility at the rail operator’s premise in Bishan Depot to reduce repair turnaround time and improve cost efficiencies.

Thales’ renowned SelTracTM Communication-Based-Train-Control (CBTC) signalling system drives the North-South and East-West lines (NSEWL) of Singapore’s rail network, which are operated by SMRT Trains. Currently, critical electronic cards of the signalling equipment are produced and repaired overseas by the original equipment manufacturer, Thales, at its dedicated facilities such as in Canada and France.

With this agreement, Thales’ rail experts will work closely with SMRT Trains’ Integrated Electronic Workshop to set up the repair facility. This includes the training and transfer of expertise and technical know-how for SMRT Trains’ technicians to diagnose and repair the faulty components.

On the digital front, SMRT Trains and Thales have signed an agreement to jointly develop an intelligent rail analytics platform for the smart monitoring of rail signalling systems. Under this agreement, SMRT Trains’ engineers and Thales’ experts will come together to define specific use-cases and identify key maintenance priorities over a series of design-thinking workshops.

Built upon Thales’ Urban Rail Signalling – Rail Analytics Platform, the tailored digital platform will leverage Condition-Monitoring Devices, Data Analytics and Cloud Computing to automate the analysis of signalling systems’ performance and health state, and to identify and address potential maintenance issues before they occur. This will help to better manage engineering resources and improve the systems’ reliability and performance.


‘SMRT Trains is continuously looking at ways to enhance the safety, reliability and productivity of our rail maintenance regimes. We are excited to collaborate with Thales to strengthen our maintenance capability and resilience, as well as bolster our staff’s expertise. With the establishment of the repair workshop at Bishan Depot, we aim to cut down repair turnaround time and cost. The use of digital technologies to pre-empt maintenance issues is also a key strategy for SMRT Trains as we strive to provide smooth journeys for commuters.’ Lam Sheau Kai, President, SMRT Trains said.


‘Thales truly appreciates the continued trust that SMRT Trains has placed in us. With these agreements, we will tap on Thales’ renowned expertise in managing complex, global rail projects to deepen local expertise and capabilities in Singapore’s rail ecosystem. We look forward to co-innovating on cutting-edge digital solutions in intelligent rail analytics. This will help ensure safer and more reliable rides for commuters.’ Emily Tan, Country Director & Chief Executive, Thales in Singapore said.


The two agreements signed between SMRT Trains and Thales follow the recent announcement of both parties’ joint initiative called ‘The Next-Generation Green CBTC Project’, which aims to reduce electricity consumption and further improve traction energy efficiency of the NSEWL.