• Bombardier’s APM systems are already in service at Beijing’s international airport and will soon be in service in two of China’s largest international airports including Shenzhen and Chengdu – making Hong Kong International Airport the fourth
  • Six Chinese mega-cities will now operate Bombardier’s APM turnkey system over a total of 18.5 km
  • Bombardier is a global leader in this mobility solution segment with over 30 APM systems delivered around the world, and in operation at nine of the world’s busiest airports


Global mobility solution provider Bombardier Transportation held a ceremony today to launch the assembly of the first BOMBARDIER INNOVIA automated people mover (APM) vehicle for Hong Kong International Airport (HKIA) at their joint venture CRRC Puzhen Bombardier Transportation Systems Limited’s (PBTS) site. Bombardier owns 50 per cent of the shares in PBTS, which is consolidated by Bombardier Transportation’s partner CRRC Nanjing Puzhen Co., Limited.

“We sincerely thank Hong Kong’s Airport Authority for their trust, support and encouragement, we appreciate PBTS team’s hard work and excellent performance. We are determined, as always, to live up to our customers’ expectations, and we continue to work hard to deliver these state-of-the-art products at a high-quality, within budget and on time despite the challenges presented by COVID-19,” said Jianwei Zhang, President, Bombardier Transportation China.

In 2017, a consortium between PBTS and CRRC Nanjing Puzhen Co., Ltd. was awarded the contract to provide a BOMBARDIER INNOVIA automated people mover (APM) 300 system to Airport Authority Hong Kong (AA). The consortium will deliver a 2.6-km, three-guideway airside integrated APM system for the Third Runway Concourse (TRC) Line connecting HKIA TRC and Terminal 2. The project applies Bombardier’s INNOVIA APM 300 rubber-tired rail transit system technology. The six-car train operation mode is adopted in the early, short and long-term. Project scope includes design and equipment supply (vehicles, communications, signalling, traction power supply, track switches, platform screen doors, depot equipment, etc.); civil construction (walking surface and guide beam); installation (all electromechanical equipment installation); and system integration.

The project has progressed smoothly and in November, 2020, the team achieved two major milestones: completion of the design phase and passing the first statutory car body welding inspection. Wayside and civil work are also proceeding according to schedule. The customer Airport Authority Hong Kong (AA) expressed their appreciation for the efforts made by the team, they also recognized the teams’ high competency, proactive attitude and cooperation in the process of project execution.

Hong Kong International Airport is an internationally renowned hub airport that adheres to four core principles: safety, operational efficiency, customer service and environment, and as a result it has won the World’s Best Airport Award over sixty times. The Hong Kong Airport Third Runway System Project is a major infrastructure undertaking that supports both the aviation industry, as well as Hong Kong’s long-term economic development. After completion and operation of the Third Runway New APM Line, Hong Kong’s airport will greatly improve its passenger travelling efficiency and will be better equipped to meet the needs of over 30 million expected additional passengers. The TRC Line is a core project for the construction of the Third Runway of Hong Kong International Airport.

Bombardier Transportation in China is the full solution provider across the entire value chain. From vehicles and propulsion to services and design, Bombardier Transportation in China has seven joint ventures, six wholly foreign-owned enterprises, and more than 8,000 employees. Together, the joint ventures have delivered 4,700 railway passenger cars, 580 electric locomotives and over 3,000 metro cars, Monorail, APM and trams to China’s growing rail transit markets. It is a major signalling supplier to the Chinese high-speed network and through its joint ventures, propulsion equipment and signalling systems are utilized in a total of 30 Chinese cities.

About INNOVIA APM 300 system

The INNOVIA APM 300 system embodies the evolution of successful and dependable transit operations over many years. These systems operate on dedicated guideways and are characterized by exceptional route flexibility, outstanding availability and high efficiency in terms of passenger capacity, energy consumption and land use.

The INNOVIA APM 300 system is a driverless transportation system specially designed to serve airports and dense urban areas. It offers quick, comfortable and convenient service for commuters within cities, to and from airports or between airport terminals. INNOVIA APM 300 cars operate on a dedicated guideway underground, on ground level or elevated. This ensures a consistent service that does not interfere with surrounding road or runway traffic. Built on more than 45-years of successful and dependable operation, INNOVIA APM 300 systems incorporate modern aesthetics and advanced subsystems for optimized functionality. Over 30 of Bombardier’s APM systems have been delivered around the world and are in operation at nine of the world’s busiest airports. Additional information: https://rail.bombardier.com/en/solutions-and-technologies/urban/people-mover.html