Singapore – Rail technology leader Bombardier Transportation has announced the launch of its software solution installed on the Singapore Downtown Line’s (DTL) existing Train Control Monitoring System (TCMS). This innovative technology maximizes passenger comfort and the system’s operational efficiency by displaying real-time passenger load information on LCD screens at station platforms. The system has entered service following the completion of comprehensive testing by Singapore’s Land Transport Authority (LTA).

  • Innovative software designed to improve travel experience and maximize operational efficiency by monitoring vehicle passenger load
  • The system implementation is the first on Singapore’s rail network to improve passenger distribution for each car

The software solution features an onboard system designed to detect passenger weight load from the vehicle’s braking system and then transmit the information to the passengers waiting at the next stop via a third-party vendor. LCD screens at the platform use a series of colors to indicate the capacity of each car: green represents a high probability of available seating, yellow for partially full and red for full. The implementation, the first of its kind in Singapore, seeks to better distribute passenger load while also improving the trains’ efficiency and reliability.

The TCMS solution was part of a four-year collaboration between Bombardier and the Singapore Economic Development Board (EDB), which started in 2012, to develop a regional team to enhance software programing capabilities throughout Southeast Asia. Bombardier is committed to continually developing regional expertise in the rail industry to help shape mobility in cities across the globe.