Global mobility solution provider Bombardier Transportation congratulated Changzhou, a city of 5 million people, for commencing passenger service on its first metro line, Changzhou Metro Line 1. The line, which opened on September 21, will eventually operate with 36 trains (216 metro cars) equipped with both the BOMBARDIER CITYFLO 650 communications-based train control (CBTC) solution and BOMBARDIER MITRAC propulsion and control system, provided by Bombardier’s Chinese joint ventures (JVs), Bombardier NUG Signalling Solutions Company Limited (BNS) and Bombardier NUG Propulsion System Co. Ltd. (BNP) respectively.

Jianwei Zhang, President, Bombardier Transportation China, said, ‘We have the honour to provide both the propulsion equipment and the signalling system for this important project – the first metro line for Changzhou city, where our joint ventures BNP and BNS are well-established. Bombardier’s state-of-the-art rail control technology, combined with the most comprehensive propulsion, controls and energy management portfolio in the world, will ensure strong fleet performance and significantly reduce travel time for passengers across the city.’

With a total length of 34.24 km and 29 stations, Changzhou Metro Line 1 runs from Forest Park Station in the north to NanXiaShu Station in the south, passing three administrative districts, linking residential and business districts and connecting to the high-speed rail and public bus network. In 2016, BNS was awarded the order by Changzhou Metro Co. Ltd. to equip its Line 1 with the advanced CITYFLO rail control solution. As a subcontractor to NUG, BNP provided Changzhou Metro Line 1 propulsion and control equipment, including engineering, manufacturing, testing, commissioning as well as the initial delivery of spare parts for traction converters.

Bombardier’s CITYFLO 650 train control solution offers an efficient and reliable way to manage complex urban rail operations, featuring automatic train supervision and optimized capacity by safely reducing the distance between trains. It enables automatic train operation at speeds of up to 80km/h on the Changzhou line, which is planned to transport up to approximately 950,000 passengers per day. As a major signalling provider for China’s urban mass transit market, Bombardier has installed its CITYFLO solution on metro lines in Shenzhen and Tianjin and on automated people mover (APM) systems in Guangzhou, Beijing and Shanghai. Also, through the BNS JV, it has multiple CITYFLO 650 projects underway for Chengdu, Hong Kong and Shenzhen Airport APMs, Wuhu Monorail Lines 1 and 2 and Changzhou Line 2.

Bombardier Transportation in China is the full solution provider across the entire value chain. From vehicles and propulsion to services and design, Bombardier Transportation in China has seven joint ventures, six wholly foreign-owned enterprises, and more than 8,000 employees. Together, the joint ventures have delivered more than 4,000 railway passenger cars, 580 electric locomotives and over 2,500 metro cars, Monorail, APM, and trams to China’s growing rail transit markets. It is a major signalling supplier to the Chinese high-speed network and through its joint ventures, propulsion equipment and signalling systems are utilized in a total of 30 Chinese cities.