Phnom Penh, Cambodia – The Cambodian Government is searching for a partner to help the country’s rail operator, Royal Railways, improve the quality of Cambodia’s rail network.

At the Belt and Road Initiative Forum in Beijing in April, Prime Minister Hun Sen met with board members of CRRC and was quoted by local media as saying: ‘We want to have a Chinese railway company working with Kith Meng’s Royal Railways to develop our railroad system and make it more efficient.’

CRRC Vice President Zhang Liquiang told local English-language newspaper Khmer Times that he hopes the Chinese company can invest in Cambodia in the coming years. He also stated that there are plans in place to conduct investment studies into Cambodia as developing the country’s railways falls in line with the Belt and Road initiative. ‘In Asean, we have already been to Thailand, Malaysia, and Vietnam. In Cambodia, we will contact the relevant authorities to conduct a market analysis’ he said.

You can read more about the development of Cambodia’s railways in our interview with Royal Railways CEO John Guiry here: