Cat Linh to Ha Dong railway misses test run

Cat Linh to Ha Dong railway misses test run

Hanoi, Vietnam – The Cat Linh to Ha Dong railway missed its test run back in October. This lead to Vietnam’s deputy minister of transport Nguyen Ngoc Dong to call for the test to be rescheduled to ensure the long-delayed metro opens in 2018.

90 per cent of the construction had been completed by February this year but most of the equipment had not been installed, pushing the opening date back to 2018.
That same month Rail Professional Asia Pacific ran an opinion piece about the failed roll out of Hanoi’s rapid bus system and how the city desperately needed its metro to open as soon as possible.

Dong said that plans for a new test will have to be organised around when the equipment and trains are received, which is influenced by disbursement from China’s Eximbank.
‘The Ministry of Justice and relevant ministries are completing procedures to put forth the disbursement’ Dong said. As of November 24, five out of 13 trains for the railway had been delivered to Hanoi.

Total investment in the line currently stands at $848 million. The route is 13 kilometres long with each train running at an average speed of 35 kph and a maximum speed of 80 kph. Capable of carrying over 900 passengers per train. The entire route will be covered in 20 minutes.

In total eight metro lines are planned for Hanoi, taking the total network to a length of more than 318 kilometres at a cost of approximately $40 billion. The city is currently building two with the remaining lines all expected to be operational by 2030.

The current metro projects are mostly financed by foreign corporations, from China and South Korea, with a small amount of government funding. As such, not only the equipment but also the construction work has been carried out by foreign contractors. Construction is being carried out by the China Railway Sixth Group.

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