FirstClass Safety and Control Ltd provide innovative and integrated Rail Depot Protection and Control Systems – and are a leading service provider in this market. We are thrilled to bring these innovative and bespoke systems to the Australian and New Zealand market, working with our new partner, Freightquip.

Founded in 2001, Freightquip has grown into one of Australia’s leading equipment suppliers to the aviation, rail and port industries. These industries share many synergies and have a number of the same design parameters and processes, though in varied applications. Each of these industries has been undergoing constant evolutionary change, driven by the need for cutting edge and competitive solutions. For this reason, Freightquip offer only the highest quality, most reliable and innovative brands on the market, a perfect fit for FirstClass Safety & Controls.

 Mark Meyrick, FirstClass Safety & Control Director said, “We have been actively seeking an agent for the Australian and New Zealand markets and I first met Freightquip at AusRail 2019. The company was an obvious choice, boasting excellent links to the producers, manufacturers and operators serving the booming rail industry in the region. I am confident that together, we can significantly improve the profile of our products and secure a greater slice of this very active market.”

Neil McDonell, Freightquip Rail General Manager, “The solutions that FirstClass Safety and Controls have developed, utilise the latest technology which allows a much safer and more reliable network. The systems build from off-shelf hardware and software – making it easily scalable to any organisation. With safety in the Rail Industry remaining a top priority, companies seeking market-leading solutions to protect the workforce – which also seamlessly integrate with operational activities should definitely consider FirstClass Safety and Controls”.

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