HSR Asia 2017 international summit starts Tuesday 12

HSR Asia 2017 international summit starts Tuesday 12

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia – Strategic Communication’s two day intensive international summit on high speed rail kicks off tomorrow here in Kuala Lumpur.

Taking place at the Intercontinental Hotel the event will discuss the current challenges that face countries pushing ahead with their high-speed rail development plans. Some of the issues impacting continued high-speed rail development include funding options, network expansion, capacity increment, communications and signalling, safety and the lack of accurate data on the cost versus benefits ramifications.

The fourth International HSR Asia 2017 Summit is designed specifically for leaders, decision-makers and investors in the Asia Pacific region’s  high speed rail industry. HSR Asia 2017 will attract key representatives from railway operators, government representatives and rail specialists, including technology providers from around the world.

Issues addressed at HSR Asia 2017 will include:

  • financing options for high-speed rail development
  • future of technologies for high-speed rail for communications and signalling
  • impact that high-speed rail has on domestic aviation
  • strategies to use to maximise revenue both from ticket sales and non-ticket options
  • interoperability – what integration solutions are available to ensure that technologies from various suppliers work efficiently together?
  • key station design, track-rail interface and rolling stock innovations
  • economies of scale that can be achieved from developing dedicated high-speed rail corridors – both for passenger and freight rail
  • communications technology offering uninterrupted wireless internet access and mobility on high-speed trains
  • high-speed rail and cross border transportation
  • cyber security lessons learnt from the success and challenges of countries currently implementing high-speed rail systems.

Rail Professional Asia Pacific contributors Dr. Andrea Giuricin and Dr. Sukhy Barhey will both be speaking at the event.

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