• Keolis opened the automated Shanghai Pudong International Airport metro through its Chinese joint venture
  • The Passenger Rapid Transit System connects two existing terminals (T1 and T2) to two satellite halls (S1 and S2) which were inaugurated on the same day
  • This new milestone bolsters Keolis’ presence in China so it can more effectively meet the country’s growing urban mobility needs and enhances its position as a world leader in automated metro operation and maintenance

On 16 September 2019, Keolis’ Chinese joint venture Shanghai Keolis, began operating the new automated Shanghai Pudong International Airport metro, which connects two terminals and two satellite halls opened on the same day. The contract to operate and maintain the metro network was awarded by Shanghai Airport Authority to Shanghai Keolis in October 2017 for a period of 20 years. This is the second automated metro network that Shanghai Keolis operates in China.

With 60 million travellers per year, Shanghai Pudong International Airport is the ninth busiest airport in the world. The expansion of the airport with two satellite halls aims to address the growth in passenger numbers to Shanghai, which expects to be welcoming 80 million passengers per year.

Keolis is present China since 2014 and employs around 500 people. In addition to Pudong International Airport’s automated metro, Keolis operates the Shanghai Pujiang automated metro line and the Shanghai Songjiang tramway network.

Apart from the two metro networks in Shanghai, Keolis currently operates automated metro networks in France (Lille, Lyon and Rennes), the United Kingdom (London), India (Hyderabad), and Qatar (Doha). Keolis will also be involved in the automated metro that will serve the Frankfurt airport terminals in Germany from 2023 onward.