A new assessment tool to help identify leadership potential

When recruiting for a team manager, it can be a real dilemma whether or not a front-line employee has the capability to make the jump from being an operational team member to a motivational, and skilled leader.

Undertaking a front-line role can be very different to moving into a supervisory position, managing a team. E.g., when considering moving a train driver to a driver manager role, or a signaller into either a signalling supervisor or local operations manager job. However, some employees may already demonstrate management skills that could help them excel in a leadership role. But how can we judge whether someone has the capability and real potential to become a good manager?

OPC Assessment is pleased to launch its latest, new assessment tool – the Leadership Potential Indicator (LPI) that can help you find out.

At OPC Assessment, we believe there are 5 key managerial competencies that can help to assess leadership potential in a front-line employee. These include:

  • Leading others to deliver results;
  • People skills that build positive relationships and successful teams;
  • Thinking skills such as effective decision-making, problem-solving, and planning;
  • Customer focus with both external and internal customers;and
  • Driving improvements in themselves and others.

Emily Wong, Business Psychologist at OPC Assessment said:

‘For some time, many rail clients have shared this dilemma with us; whether a front-line employee is capable of being a great manager, or not.  With the launch of our new LPI we’ve helped take the ‘guess-work’ out of the decision. It’s a specific tool that can help measure leadership potential and an employees’ aptitude for key management competencies.’

The LPI as a development tool

Sometimes an employee may be new to a managerial position, and their leadership potential is yet to be fully realised. They may have really strong task delivery or customer focus, but they may struggle with interpersonal skills making it hard to build productive working relationships. The LPI can also be used as a development tool with existing supervisors and frontline managers to help identify their strengths, and areas to focus on, as part of a Leadership Development Plan.

Get in touch with the friendly team at OPC Assessment, if you think the new Leadership Potential Indicator (LPI) could help in discovering your future rail leaders.

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