MTR conducts high-speed rail joint exercises with emergency services

MTR conducts high-speed rail joint exercises with emergency services

Hong Kong – Starting from Wednesday July 18, a series of major joint exercises simulating different emergency scenarios on the Guangzhou-Shenzhen-Hong Kong High Speed Rail (Hong Kong Section), involving the MTR Corporation, Fire Services Department and Hong Kong Police Force, will be conducted to test the effectiveness of emergency handling procedures and responses of the parties concerned.

The first exercise was held today and simulated a situation in which a passenger’s luggage caught fire on a High Speed Rail train heading towards the Hong Kong West Kowloon Station. Under the scenario, the train lost power and stopped in the tunnel near the Mai Po Ventilation Building. Around 200 passengers were immediately detrained and evacuated to the adjacent tunnel after all precautionary safety measures were taken.

A specially arranged passenger train carrying emergency services personnel was dispatched from the Hong Kong West Kowloon Station through the adjacent tunnel to reach the location where the incident train stopped. When the special train arrived at the scene, it took the “injured” and other passengers to the Hong Kong West Kowloon Station where a temporary triage point was set up to give preliminary treatment to the “injured” before they were taken to the hospital.

Mr Adi Lau, Operations Director of the MTR Corporation, said, “Although the High Speed Rail system is designed and built in accordance with strict specifications so as to minimise the risk of fire or smouldering, it remains important for MTR staff to stay alert. Comprehensive procedures and contingency plans are in place for evacuations and crowd management to deal with emergencies.”

Mr Lau said the joint exercises will strengthen the coordination and communication between MTR and various emergency services. “These exercises will provide a good opportunity to test the effectiveness of the emergency procedures and the coordination of all parties concerned. As I observed today, all participants performed their role and responded to the emergency in a robust, orderly, speedy and effective manner,” he added.

With the substantial completion of the main project works, the High Speed Rail entered the trial operations stage in April 2018. The Corporation is working in full swing in preparation for commissioning the High Speed Rail service in September this year.

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