As the RAIL Asia 2020 organising committee we have decided to rapidly reformulate the way in which this year’s Rail Asia event is going to operate. We are taking into consideration the future of the ASEAN rail industry in a post Covid 19 environment. There is no doubt that globally the way in which we operate will change. We have to make clear steps to put our industry in a lead position particularly in our ASEAN region where rail transport has been developing significantly.

We are positioned here in Bangkok at the centre of the ASEAN community. This provides valuable experience and opportunity to have an event which supports the real needs of the industry and provides an arena that will allow all industry levels to have a frank and open discussion to take the rail industry to recovery in a spirit of cooperation. This will include manufacturers, SMEs, contractors, government, operators and the wider scope of rail stakeholders.

There is a vision that the way in which we use rail as a transport mode will and has already changed from passenger ticketing to interior layouts through to freight logistics throughout all rail specialisms.

To this end the theme for Rail Asia 2020 will be “The Rail Industry in a Post Covid 19 Environment”.

The conference section of the event will have specific presentations on that theme and open microphone discussions to record ideas which will then be taken forward by KURail into an industry and government wide team to plan a coordinated effort in the ASEAN community.

There will be a KURail sponsored demonstration arena within the exhibition to allow smaller suppliers and researchers an opportunity to demonstrate their products and ideas which are relevant to the rail industry post Covid 19.

As an industry we will have a different approach to how we communicate, educate and do business in the future. More emphasis will be placed on video conferencing and the way we connect has already changed as we be outlined in the conference.

This will be a significantly important event for all rail industry players to attend as we need to have collective ideas and plans on how we work together in the future. 

We are pleased however that RAIL Asia 2020, that has been established here in Bangkok for the past decade, remains confirmed from November 25 to 26 at the State Railway of Thailand’s Makkasan Expo Halls in Bangkok, with the full support of government and industry with a strong focus on partnership, progress and technology for the Southeast Asian region.

Attendees can register on the website for free-of-charge as attendance is fully sponsored for both the conference and exhibition but conference numbers are limited and 2020 is a very special year for the event it is advised to register early.