The first test trains entered the Metro Tunnel in late July, a landmark moment for the biggest rail project in Victoria since the City Loop.

Two next-generation High Capacity Metro Trains entered the twin 9km tunnels at the South Yarra tunnel entrance and travelled 1.7km to Anzac Station, directly under St Kilda Road.

The journey was years in the making and marks the start of the project’s next major testing phase inside the new tunnels and stations, which will stretch into 2024.

Various equipment and systems will be tested to make sure the Metro Tunnel is safe and ready to open to passengers in 2025 – a year ahead of schedule.


Metro Tunnel connected to Sunbury Line

Final track work to connect the Metro Tunnel to the Sunbury Line was completed in July. This was the final step before moving on to the next phase – testing trains in the tunnel.

This milestone also marked the completion of the $1.8 billion Sunbury Line Upgrade 6 months ahead of schedule. That project delivered a range of improvements that will enable more modern trains to run on the Sunbury Line when the Metro Tunnel opens.

There is now 97km of continuous track from Melbourne’s north-west to south-east, via the new twin 9km rail tunnels under the city


Station progress

Anzac Station

Anzac Station is coming to life below ground. Installation of stairs, lifts escalators, drum lights and platform screen doors is now complete.

Work is well advanced on the station entrance in the Shrine of Remembrance grounds where crews have finished the lining walls. The Albert Road Reserve entrance is also taking shape, with construction of the base slab complete and work to build the walls underway.

Check out the flying tour of Anzac Station to see what’s happening behind the scenes.

Town Hall Station

Work at Town Hall Station is progressing well, with installation of 8 concrete and steel columns on the concourse level under City Square now complete.

Crews have finished installing platform screen doors, while work on the underground walkway that will link the new station to Flinders Street Station and City Loop services is continuing.

State Library Station

The first of 6 architectural beams for State Library Station’s main entrance have been lifted into place, with the final 2 expected to be delivered in the coming weeks.

Crews have finished installing platform screen doors in the station, while installation of escalators is underway. Work is continuing on the pedestrian underpass that will link the new station to Melbourne Central Station and City Loop services.

Parkville Station

Crews have finished glazing the signature 54 metre-long, 6.5 metre-wide canopy at Parkville Station’s Grattan Street main entrance, and all 7 passenger lifts and 16 escalators are being tested.

Work is continuing to fit out the 44 metre-long and 11 metre-wide underpass under Royal Parade that will allow people to move easily between the station and the Royal Melbourne Hospital and Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre.

Arden Station

Arden Station’s major structural elements are finished, including the stairs and ramps to the station’s main entrance on Laurens Street. Work is underway on architectural features and landscaping.

Escalators and lifts to the station concourse are now in place and being tested. Paving, lighting, mechanical, electrical and plumbing systems are being installed inside the station.

Arden Station was the location for the first phone call in the Metro Tunnel.