Motorcycles wait at a level crossing for the Hanoi-Saigon train to pass. Photo: Ian Hall/Railway Centre

Hanoi, Vietnam January 10 2017 – Italian company WEGH is supplying its first order of level crossing machines for Vietnam Railways.

The 150 PL TD96/2 level crossing machines have been chosen and approved after an experimental period carried out by engineers at Vietnam Railways, who tested similar products from several international companies. 

In Vietnam, WEGH’s TD96/2 level crossing machines will be used to protect the most important road crossings along the main railway line of the country, from Hanoi to Ho Chi Minh City as part of a broader plan to strengthen and modernize the rail service.

WEGH, with its own technical experts, has followed the type-approval stage, provided technical assistance for the first installations and trained the staff who handle facilities management, under an agreement which provides for additional supplies.