Workers have begun excavating around 80 Olympic-sized swimming pools worth of rock and soil as they build the new underground Parkville Station.

Crews are digging the 270-metre long and 30-metre-wide station box around 30 metres below Grattan Street, between Leicester Street and Royal Parade.

Excavators will initially dig around three metres deep, while a temporary deck made of concrete and steel is simultaneously built at surface level to reduce noise and dust impacts.

Digging will continue once the deck is completed, with trucks heading underground via a ramp to remove rock and soil from beneath the deck.

Once the excavation reaches around 15 metres it will be too deep for trucks to enter, so gantry cranes will be used to lower buckets through holes in the deck to collect rock and soil. The cranes will then lift excavated material into trucks inside two acoustic enclosures at surface level, before the trucks exit the site.

Excavation will continue until the end of this year, with around 200,000 cubic metres of rock and soil to be removed from the site. Once complete, station construction and fit-out will continue underground.

To learn more about construction currently underway in Parkville, visit the Metro Tunnel website.