Hong Kong – The Hong Kong Government has given consent to the property developer for the resumption of construction works at the Tai Wai Station property development project. The Railway Protection Unit of the MTR Corporation will continue to closely monitor any possible impact of the works on railway facilities to ensure the safe operation of the railway.

During a regular inspection on 12th July 2018, the Railway Protection Unit found that settlement at monitoring points located at the rear end of the southbound platform of Tai Wai Station and an overhead line mast nearby had, for the first time, reached the pre-set settlement limit for temporary works suspension.

At the Corporation’s request, the property developer has temporarily suspended the development project’s foundation works in the relevant railway protection area since 12th July 2018. Meanwhile, Government departments have confirmed the structural integrity of the Tai Wai Station platform and that railway conditions are safe for operation.

Over the second half of 2018, MTR closely monitored the settlement at Tai Wai Station. The Registered Building Professionals appointed by the property developer were requested to provide work methods that can effectively control and alleviate further settlement. Their proposed measures have been reviewed by the Corporation and the Buildings Department of the HKSAR Government to ensure the construction works going forward will not impact on railway safety.

The Government departments accepted the request of the developer for resumption of works for the development project. Based on engineering assessment, the trigger level for suspension of works has been revised to 40mm. The Corporation and Government departments will continue to exercise stringent monitoring.