Rail Products to exhibit at AusRail

Rail Products to exhibit at AusRail

Rail Products to exhibit at AusRail

Rail Products is taking the ART 17TH Multi Gauge MEWP to AusRail, taking place in Brisbane in November

Already acknowledged as one of the most innovative and technically advanced MEWPS available today – the ART 17TH now has the option of adding an in-built adjustable track gauge (1000mm to 1600mm). This capability enables the MEWPS to work across virtually any major rail network in the world.

Working from zero cant to 180mm cant in work mode and 200mm in travel mode, the ART 17TH MEWP can also travel over the side at 90 degrees at a 120 cant working at all times with a full load of 400kg.

It also has an outreach of 8.65m with the telescopic arm fully extended, a continuous turret rotation and 180 degrees basket rotation capability, giving total versatility when working on any rail network.

Global compatibility

The ART 17TH is now approved for use in many countries including the UK, Austria, Belgium, DB (Germany), Denmark, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Romania and Switzerland, with further approval also pending in Saudi Arabia and Australia.

Additionally, a lightweight trailer — which weighs only 71kg but has a pulling capacity of 520kg — has been developed that can be attached to the machines for transporting any extra equipment required for the job.

There is now big demand for the machines – Rail Products having already delivered over 140 machines to many leading rail companies up and down the UK as well as to customers all across Europe.

Managing director Derek Burns believes flexible options are the way of the future as the global rail industry becomes ever more connected.

‘I think we are seeing a lot of energy poured into recruiting the next generation of engineers to the rail sector. These are the people who will be designing solutions for the infrastructure projects for the next 50 years, and with the next generation I think there will be a shift in the product design, towards solutions that provide cross market reach.

‘Opportunities are opening all over the globe, and we must be able to offer a product that fits every market — I think as time moves on we’re going to see more UK companies offering more strategic, worldwide solutions.

‘Rail Products is definitely at the forefront of this technical revolution and with a new agreement in place to utilise the resources of the Manitou network, I believe, as does Stuart Walker, MD of Manitou Australia, that our machines have the capabilities to drive new business around the globe, hence us exhibiting at AusRail’ he said.

Redefining parameters

Both Derek and chairman Johan Verbiezen can draw on decades of front-line working experience in the rail industry which has helped propel Rail Products, very quickly, into one of the leading manufacturers of MEWPS in the UK.

Investment too in new product development continues to reap reward and the company’s railroad products will always look to redefine the parameters of a machines’ current capabilities.

This foresight and the development of innovative, safer and technically advanced rail machines has earnt it many industry plaudits.

Panning on the move

All Rail Products MEWPS can be fitted with a ‘Pantograph’, which enables the machine — for the first time ever — to ‘pan’ on the move.

The self-propelled machine provides height and stagger measurements as it moves. Furthermore, Rail Products’ new Mark II Pantograph will now not only monitor height and stagger measurements, it will also record them — another first for the company.

Plus, further technical development of the ‘Pantograph’ has meant a new Mark III version is about to be launched which will also offer GPS data control as well as video feedback.

New overload system

Advancement in health and safety practice has led to Rail Products introducing a new ‘overload system’ to the MEWP to further protect the operator and the asset.

The system employs self-encrypted software which is written on information available from the original OEM manufacturer (Manitou) inclusive of full 360 load charts. The LLI configures the allowed maximum weight and shows it digitally and in proportional values (red-yellow- blue) as an indicator in the basket as well as the back ballast.

The datalogger output will immediately indicate if any overload has occurred and will give you a value of the overload above 400kg.

Other innovations

That’s not all, these latest innovations have come hot on the heels of the announcement that Rail Products will now be actively working with the Manitou network worldwide.

Derek Burns commented, ‘Rail Products is committed to developing and building innovative rail machines and demand for our MEWPS with the Pantographs is growing not only in the UK but all around the globe and our new partnership with Manitou will now help us pursue sales not only in central Europe but also in China, the Far East and India, which is very exciting for the future of the company.’ 

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