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MTM Power 2018

Rail Professional Asia Pacific 2018

Asia Pacific March 2018 cover

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This issue features…

East to West in Kolkata

Sanjay Kumar is chief engineer, working on signalling and telecom, at Kolkata Metro Rail (KMRCI) and is also an officer [...]

Connecting the Mekong

Starting in China, the Mekong River runs south, splitting the border between Myanmar and China and then Laos and Thailand [...]

MTR ticketing technology

In a city that places great value on convenience and efficiency, Hong Kong’s MTR keeps residents and visitors on the [...]

Two lines, one direction for Hanoi

Hanoi has long been home to streets flooded with tiny scooters weaving between lanes and pedestrians But that could soon [...]

Overview of Hanoi’s new depots

Hanoi’s line 3 and line 2A are both currently under construction but are following very different procedures Line 3 will [...]

Transport-related research funding opportunities for ASEAN

In late January this year transport researchers from the UK spent five days in Thailand at a transport workshop In [...]